r31 skyline meaning and definition

r31 skyline meaning

Proud to hold the RB30e, the R31 skyline has been known to be one of the most well-liked skylines. Holden has taken this great car and trashed it by putting the nissan parts into the VL.

r31 skyline meaning

Vehicle manufactured by Nissan in the late 80's. Available in wagon, coupe, and sedan variations.

r31 skyline meaning

One of the best cars in the world!

r31 skyline meaning

A mid eighties car that never had it's potential fully realised.

r31 skyline meaning

A japanese vehical, manufactured in the late 80's. Has the looks of Jennifer Love Hewitt and the potential of Gohan.

r31 skyline meaning

my r31 is fully hectic i swear. I pump up the bass and i get all the chicks

r31 skyline meaning

R31 is a late eighties car, like a commonwhore(commodore) VL... but not gay.

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R32 meaning

Version of Volkswagen Golf, limited edition, only 5000 made. Sport tuned engine and suspension, other stuff like that. Came out at the end of the last body style for the Golf. Cool blue gauges and what nots.

r33 meaning

Nissan Skyline r33 was built from 1993. It was released in two door and four door, the latter being rarer. Models include; gts - with rb25de engine (non turbo) gts-t - rb25det (turbo) GTR - rb26dett (twin turbo) The more common gts-t two door version compares to other skylines in power to weight as follows: R32 - 8.25kg/kw R33 - 7.43kg/kw R34 - 6.7kg/kw

R337 meaning

1)the japanese equivelant to "l337" 2)see "L337"

r33d meaning

listening to an audiobook

r33fing meaning

Scaring people for their examens.

R33P3R meaning

A highly skilled cod(Call of Duty) player.

r33 Skyline meaning

nissans worst skyline due in part to excessive weight and shit to mod motor. Mainly driven by old cunts aiming to look cool and to pick up girls under the age of 9 at the day care centre gates.

r33t meaning

The "elite" scale, from weakest to most potent. Elite, leet, 3l33t, l33t, 3l337, l337, r33t, r337 insert -er and -est to modify directly to your specific elitness. o-('_'Q)

r33test meaning

The adjective form of r33t meaning extremely radical.

R34 meaning

The Tenth Generation Nissan Skyline. The GT-R is the most popular version of the R34.