R34D meaning and definition

R34D meaning

Leet term for read. 4 = A 3 = E

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R34L meaning

the dopest motherfuckers ever to walk this planet earth. The small freestyle group from Bolton Landing NY will put you in your place. willing to hit anything at anytime.

r34 saturation meaning

This term refers to when a specific subject or show has had so much porn made of it that it is possible to find it without specifically looking for it. The pornographic content has reached a level of over abundance.

r34 skyline meaning

A four wheel drive front engine car. It is heavy so many drivers of this vehicle practice grip driving. It is so heavy actually, that not many owners of this car can actually drive it.

R35P3C7 meaning

like RESPECT ;-) easy

r3ality meaning

The biggest fucken loser, who writes definitions for himself that are soooo SAD