S10k meaning and definition

S10k meaning

Perhaps the illest motherfucker in the northern hemisphere. Known to abort fetuses at will. Girls and little boys constantly seek him out for sex.

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S10 Xtreme meaning

A badass American made small size pickup capable of whooping on and Volkswagen golf GTi any day of the week

S-11 meaning

the senior class of 2011 attending Mineola High School

S12I meaning

Acronym for Sloppy 12 Inches.

S13 meaning

Nissan chassis code for a U.S 89-94 240SX, Jpn 89-94 Siliva, Jpn 89-98 180SX, Aus 200SX

S14 meaning

Chasis code for the popular Nissan RWD platform JDM model Silvia and the USDM model 240SX. Popular among circuit and drift racers for their balance and exhilirating performance. A favorite among Japanese drifters over the S13 coupe and fastback.94.5-96 for the Zenki model.97-98 for the Kouki model.(note: Model years for the U.S version.)