S2FF meaning and definition

S2FF meaning

Stay To Finger Fucking.Don't get pregnant.

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s2fg meaning

swear 2 fucking god

s2f wank meaning

"Start to finish" wank - when you wank quickly without stopping - from flaccid right up to ejaculation

s2g meaning

To question the statement somebody has made in an effort to reveal it's validity, knowing that if they are lying the are Hell-bound.

s2h meaning

sorry to hear

S2JVox meaning

Is a group of trio singers who are all over the age of 35 making music happen online.

S2K meaning

'1337' text abbreviation meaning 'shoot to kill'. Military slang used by elite snipers. Adopted by players of online co-operative video games.

s2m meaning

smiling to myself. smile to myself. smiled to myself.The phrase LOL needs a backup or another option. It has been so overly used that it doesn't usually pertain to the original meaning. Most of the time when someone says or types lol they are typically just smiling.This phrase would be used more or less as internet slang.

s2p meaning

An abbreviation for "Sit To Pop," a balloonist (or looner as they are commonly called) fetish of sitting hard on balloons until they explode. This provides sexual stimulation and even sexual release for some.

s2pedia meaning

Another form of wiki-pedia but for the Honda S2000. Some might know this source to be found at S2KI.com. but there is only 1 true S2Pedia and he goes by the name Chase. To be a S2Pedia you must without a hesitation know what is and what is not acceptable for any modification and how it is done. He can be considered the god of the s2000 to many but only few only understand the power of his knowledge. He also knows Rio yellow is the best and fastest color S2000

s2r meaning

"send 2 receive" It's used by people online who want to trade pictures of themselves with each other, to make it simple.