SA-9 meaning and definition

SA-9 meaning

SA-9 Gaskin The SA-9 Gaskin is a Soviet amphibious mobile SAM system. It was first introduced in the 1975 Red Square Parade. The Gaskin consists of the SA-9 launcher atop the BRDM-2A. The Gaskin can carry two missiles boxes on the launch pad and four more inside for reload purposes. Missiles can be launched one at a time, two at a time, or four at a time. The Gaskin does not have radar. Type: mobile SAM system Dimensions: length 1800mm; diameter 110mm; span 330mm Range: 5-8km Launch Weight: 30kg

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Short for the Colt Single Action Army, a .45 calibre revolver.

Saaa meaning

That's is, done with

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Spanish Version of "yaaassssss"

saaaaaa meaning

Sonido onomatopéyico que denota sexo entre varones.

Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmeeeee meaning

To ignore or annoy someone by answering with the word. This word is famous for the long phrase and has no point to it. The best time to use this is when you do not know what a girl is talking about, when a guy is talking so much shit and you don't feel like saying much back, when you want to confuse the person, and when you want to ignore the person.