Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmeeeee meaning and definition

Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmeeeee meaning

To ignore or annoy someone by answering with the word. This word is famous for the long phrase and has no point to it. The best time to use this is when you do not know what a girl is talking about, when a guy is talking so much shit and you don't feel like saying much back, when you want to confuse the person, and when you want to ignore the person.

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saaaaarrkkkaaaaaarr meaning

v) a feeling of intense anger, generally caused by the stupidity of others.


When your pothead friend wants to smoke your pot and you need an excuse to not

saaaan meaning

Awesome thing to say when you feel happy

saaað meaning

To use a graphics editing program (such as photoshop, gimp, quark, paint shop pro, etc.) to alter reality to your liking, esp. to put your arms around someone you couldn't in real life.

Saaake meaning

A word used to describe a situation or act that you are unimpressed with.

SAAAN meaning

Prank Vs Prank's replacement for the "son" at the end of a sentence.

Saaanz meaning

"Saaanz" is short for the last name Sanchez. Made up by instagrammer @alexsaaanz to be more identifiable because the name "Sanz" with one A already exists and is used by famous Spanish singer, Alejandro Sanz.

saab meaning

Sweaty ass and balls syndrome - (Pronounced - sabs) a condition that affects men. Extreme heat in the ass and ball region causing excessive sweat often soaking outter clothing and leaving wet spots on chairs. The condition is especially prevalent in the summer months.

saab 900 meaning

a car that beats most hondas and all other poopy cars out there. also very safe i hit a tree going over 100 and walked away. people that dont like them have been beaten by one or many at somepoint in their pathetic driving life and are butthurt. filled with many luxury accomodations like butt warmers i can be all warm and cozy as i take my third gear to 105 mph