s0ck meaning and definition

s0ck meaning

masturbatory pleasure tool when filled with deep heat on a lonely night when the misses is off with her girlfriends...

s0ck meaning

a thing to wear on one's foot to insulate and avoid foot odour. can come in many shapes, colours and sizes Also a word used as per the first two examples below.

s0ck meaning

Possibly a 1337 sock, assumably these boys and girls put their sockets in them. Replacing numerals for characters is getting old, quick.

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s0domize meaning

1. to stick a foreign object in one's anus.

S0fa meaning

Someone who can give you multiple orgasms with the sound of his voice.If you invite a s0fa to your party, he will probably end up with the one who gave you birth."S0fa" is also use to describe someone who is really open mind. Someone that you can use as a couch and he doesn't complain.

s0nicfreak meaning

Someone who has an undying love for all things Sonic and has fallen off the face of the earth.

s0r meaning

(noun) s0r, noob panzer /kill master see other words: /kill Whore, Waterboy

s0rdid meaning

A guy who is low and likes chips. He eats cake and marmellows with his chips. He plays HI.