s3x0rz meaning and definition

s3x0rz meaning

If you say it like this, you probably aren't getting any.

s3x0rz meaning

Geekspeak for sex

s3x0rz meaning

1337 leet expression meaning sex. Very sad people use this, and I don't mean depressed.

s3x0rz meaning

1337speak for "sex". Can be used as a noun or a verb. Can also be used when "giving props" flirtatiously, i.e. "m4d s3x0rz 2 S3xy-Ch1cK3y!!!1"

s3x0rz meaning

s3x0rz, talk of the l33t normaly found on irc

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s3xii meaning

The word Sexy misspelled

s3xor meaning

n. A 1337 way of saying "Sexor" or "Sexy" or "Sex". Typically meaning the act of sex or one who is proficiently good at having mind-blowing sex.

s3xy meaning

Improper spelling of "sexy". This word is most likely used by the Internet nerd community.

S3xypill meaning

Known as br0cketeer-.A faggot who changed a perfect url.A fcking awkward quality blogger from tumblr.awkward nuthead u sux :)))))))))))))))))

s3xy pr0nz meaning

sexy internet porn that is enjoyed by males