s4s meaning and definition

s4s meaning

used by admins on Facebook. Share for Share. you post their name on your page, they post yours. Useful and effective way of getting "likes"

s4s meaning

On Instagram you may get a comment saying s4s? Meaning Shoutout for shoutout, a shoutout is when you promote a account to your followers.

s4s meaning

This means support for support. Most commonly used between Myspace contest/layout.. ect sites. You copy a sites "support code", enter it in a bulliten, and write the subject as "add this site!" Used as a way to gain more friend requests.

s4s meaning

Despite what a lot of idiots have to say about what s4s means, it normally comes into play with myspace sites (i.e. layout/contest/html sites). Most sites have a support code, and when asked to s4s, two sites swap codes and paste into bulletins so their friends can see the code, and hopefully they get added. It's not just for "myspace nerds" or whatever. Some sites out there have actual meaning.

s4s meaning

Stud for Stud! When a stud dates another stud!

s4s meaning

Has two meanings for two different sites.on Myspace s4s meansSupport for SupportIts pretty much advertising someone else but its done through bulletins. normally people do s4s for Layout sites, Bands etc.on YouTube s4s means Subscribe for Subscription You subscribe to someone because they subscribed to you.

s4s meaning

in carpentry it means sanded 4 sides its for finish work ie; trim and furniture

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S4t4n meaning

A term used by wanabe satanic worshipers/wanabe hackers to show their lack of religious and grammatical appreciation

s4tm meaning

Sorry for that man.

s4u meaning

stands for "sux for you"

s4ud1 meaning

s4ud1: saudi man in leet language... s = s a = 4 u = u d = d i = 1

s4x meaning

Wrote in 1337 style writing. Commonly used as s3x in chat rooms and obviousley resembles the word sex. s4x takes on a more playfull roll and is usually used when a person becomes bored and doesnt have much to contribute towards the sex chat.