saa meaning and definition

saa meaning

Short for the Colt Single Action Army, a .45 calibre revolver.

saa meaning

Smiles all around. Generally used by typical hufflepuffs, this happy acronym is used to show happiness despite tough times.

saa meaning

Saa is Irish Slang for Sir ;DMostly used in Donegal as we are the banter lads ;)

saa meaning

software as a service

saa meaning

Short for "Single Action Army", Colt's revolutionary revolver that won the Wild West.

saa meaning

Socially Akward All Stars

saa meaning

Using the word when slapping a friend or associate. Usually slapping him in the back of the head when insulted.

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Saaa meaning

That's is, done with

saaaa meaning

Spanish Version of "yaaassssss"

saaaaaa meaning

Sonido onomatopéyico que denota sexo entre varones.

Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmeeeee meaning

To ignore or annoy someone by answering with the word. This word is famous for the long phrase and has no point to it. The best time to use this is when you do not know what a girl is talking about, when a guy is talking so much shit and you don't feel like saying much back, when you want to confuse the person, and when you want to ignore the person.


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