T3 meaning and definition

T3 meaning

tylenol 3's. used in combination with alcohol to get fucked up. total muscle relaxant and headache and pain releif.

T3 meaning

Is the next step up from a T1 line as T2 was bypassed. T3 is close to 30 times faster as a T1 (1.54 mps) line and moves data at 44.73 megabits per second in both upload and download modes.

T3 meaning

Tylenol #3s they are equal to roughly 4 Tylenol 1s or 2 Tylenol 2s. They are also the most commonly prescribed pain medication in Canada, also one of the most abused due to its ability to get the user hooked very fast and its tendency to cause the user to up their dosage in order to feel the same effects over and over.

T3 meaning

The short form of Terminator 3.

T3 meaning

Tomorrows Technology Today. An awesome club at San Ramon Valley High School that maintains crappy iMacs in the S4 classroom and make them work into an 8 player LAN party.

T3 meaning

stands for TERMINATOR 3

T3 meaning

something to do on J4 - hand over our hard-earned money to Hollywood gladhanders/tinselmen...ah, freedom to do so...

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t33l meaning

when you are l33ter than l33t

t33ni3 meaning

a person who continuously posts unnecessary comments about certain celebrities or band members.

t33n pr0n meaning

The Alpha and Omega of pr0n - found at sensibleerection.com

t-34 meaning

Single engine turbo prop primary trainer for the Navy introduced in 1975. Has sophisticated onboard equipment with the ability to predict the weather and break the plane whenever the weather is good. Also known for it's intense power reaching 0.3 mach at full throttle.

t3ch meaning

In card/other games, a card or other object specifically used against another card or other object that is popular in the metagame.

t3ck n1ks meaning

unmatchable techiques

t3h meaning

THIS is the 'leet' or '1337' way of saying "The"

T3h 1337 prawnzor meaning

(n) a word to describe a person who is the best at somethign in any given particular group, especially fighting games. Derived from:T3H = The 1337 = leet = elite prawnzor = ownage + ownzor + prawnT3h 1337 prawnzor = The elite ownage prawn ownzorUsed in sentences such as:

t3h b3wbz meaning

Those big ass honkahs dat is attashed to da frun of evree bich n hoe in Ha'lem.

t3h gh3y meaning

It means the gay. You use t3h gh3y when you are referring to someone.