T9 meaning and definition

T9 meaning

A cellphone tool that is really useful if you know how to use it, but generally really annoying because you have to decipher people's texts. The general idea is that you only need one keystroke per letter per word (like the word "the" would be "843" However, some words share keystroke combos and it gets really annoying.

T9 meaning

An entry mode on cell phones to speed up the process of composing a text message. Works well when used properly, however, can cause major confusion when the change key is not pressed.

T9 meaning

Second generation texting software.Already a lot easier than Multi-tap, because it suggests words from a list when you click only once on each button. Therefore 'easy' is 2-3-7-9 with T9, instead of 3-3-2-7-7-7-7-9-9-9 with Multi-tap.T9 is short for 'Text on 9 keys'.See also:Multi-tapSwypeBlindtype

T9 meaning

When you think someone is going to say one thing but then they say another. Usually a 'i thought you were totally going to say something else' moment.

T9 meaning

a cell phone dictionary. it is mainly for texting. <3

T9 meaning

The action of having sexual intercourse non-stop with a certain person.

T9 meaning

to have sexual intercourse, or to bang like there's no tomarrow.

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T-90 meaning

Current MBT(Main Battle Tank) of the Russian Ground Forces. Created in 1994 by defense contractor Uralvagonzavod, the T-90 is one of the most high-tech tanks ever to enter the battlefield. It boasts advanced weapons systems and armor very similar to the M1 Abrams MBT(United States).

T93 meaning

A Beast that has developed the ultimate fishing technique but cannot catch 3 fish with one rod.

t9agram meaning

Also known as a t9onym. When you type one word into predictive text, and another comes up because the letters are on the same keys. Popular examples include book/cool and Smirnoff/Poisoned.

T9 bomb meaning

Before the invention of the QWERTY keyboard on mobile phones, a common phrase used to describe a text message of significant importance. Often with someone of the opposite sex.

T9ducked meaning

When you are trying to curse in t9 texting, alternate words often appear, also called a t9agram. In attempt to say "fucked", it often appears as "ducked". Phrase usually used to say you are going to get wasted, or you were wasted, or someone else was wasted.