TAA meaning and definition

TAA meaning

Thanks. Thank you. It's informal and casual.

TAA meaning

Take Appropriate Action

TAA meaning

TAA means when a female wants to and urges herself toward a single man who gives her attention and wants to preform sexual acts with him

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taaa meaning

somethin funny, very humorous

taaanx meaning

used only by the ranies, only a select few can truly appreciate.

TAAARL meaning

An Antiguan term meaning "Hell no! or "No way!". Often used to immediately deny any association with a certain statement or situation.

taab meaning

Somebody who has droopy breasts, or wears his/her "tits-as-a-belt".

taabish meaning

A don and a pimp. Toatally sexy and has A LOT of charm, no matter how he looks. Wicked singer and is single most of the time coz he is a don. REAL DONS R CALLED THIS NAME