TAAFT meaning and definition

TAAFT meaning

"There's an app for that"A commonly used acronym, all thanks to Iphone commercials.

TAAFT meaning

acronym for "There's an app for that." Referring to Apple's iPhone commercials.

TAAFT meaning

acronym for : There's An Acronym For That

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taag meaning

Means: The Addicting Abbreviation Game. The rules are: one person (the it person) chooses a set of letters from three letters to five, and the rest of the group has to make things that it stands for. Whoever's it chooses the wittiest one. If the letters were 'sh' then a possible match for it might be 'she hates hats' or 'several hats hate'. No names allowed.

Taaha meaning

An amazing and well-rounded person. Intelligent, handsome, athletic, out-going, humble, and near perfect.

Taaha Tube meaning

In call of duty 4, a slang term for the RPG.

TAAHM meaning

Two and a half men. It's a TV show.

Taaj meaning

this word is utilized to describe a person, who is mainly a man, who tends to turn into the devil during sexual intercourse. He also will almost always produce multiple orgasm to his female companion.