TAB meaning and definition

TAB meaning

1) Acid (LSD) 2) Cigarettes in Newcastle Upon Tyne

TAB meaning

Trendy Asian Bitch A girl who: - only shops at A/X, Bebe, Banana Republic and Club Monaco - only wears black and will occasionally wear white to "mix it up" - will not weigh more than 105 lbs - never paid for dinner at restaurants in her life - is a makeup expert, in fact, she appears completely flawless - never smiles in public - is the object of desire of all Asian men and knows it - only dates Asian men and will only date a boy with a nice car - is often seen with Rice-boys - will never travel alone. Always either in the company of other tabs or your Rice-boy boyfriend

TAB meaning

an open order of items to be paid for in total later, such as drinks ordered from a bar. short for "tabulation".

TAB meaning

Abbreviation for tablature, the chords and riffs for playing a song writen out for guitar or bass.

TAB meaning

Single doses of LSD on paper squares. Also known as "blotter".

TAB meaning

A student at Cambridge University. Derived from the latin abbreviation, "Cantab." which comes from "Universitas Cantabrium." Generally used as a term of derision by students at Oxford University, particularly in the context of a sporting event.

TAB meaning

1. A 'tab' (small square) of paper soaked in LSD acid. 2. A hard, long-distance march done with kit. Common in the Army and especially British SAS. 3. The place in Australia to bet. Totaliser Agency Board (TAB). Similar to Off Track Betting (OTB), but handle's sports betting aswell.

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taba meaning

Freckled person. Has been known for embaricing moments. also, good in math, and science, obsesses over elephants, pigs, goats, and chocolate, and sleeps with a blakey. verry fun person who gets annoying at times, but in the end wins your heart. may often get drunk. over 10 allergies and loves soy milk

tababomb meaning

Bustin' a nut all over that trick's face.

tababoy meaning

combined "taba" and "baboy" taba is the tagalog word for fat. baboy means pig.

Tab Abuse meaning

Tab Abuse is when you are cross referecing information on the internet ,but are really engrossed when you find more info.You intend to come back to read that start opening more tabs, multitasking tabs until you have so many open your internet explorer encounters a problem needs to shut down and you loose them all at once.

tabac meaning

A French term for tobacco; used as a shorter and groovier alternative to the English "tobacco".