Tabageddon meaning and definition

Tabageddon meaning

Tabageddon - noun - The point at which the number of open tabs becomes completely unmanageable, requiring you to indiscriminately end it all with one fell click of an X.

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Tabagen meaning

When a Couple is having sexual intercourse from behind at the top of a staircase and out of no where the male pulls the females arms up and rides her down the stairs. AKA: Sweedish Tabagen

tabagerie meaning

In Quebec provence, a corner news stand that may specialize in finer tobbacco products, such as cigars. Many have their own humidor. Also common name for a news stand in a train station, bus station or Metro station that may sell finer tobbacco products like cigars, news papers and some tacky souvenirs, but is not per se a souvenir store exclusively. Similar to a Depaneur, but sells only candy bars and snacks, not staple foods like you would find in a dep.

tabagon meaning

To analy satisfy a female so hard that an onlooker might confuse her for an actual sled!

TaBaHo meaning

A very tight butt hole.Usually has not been touched

Tabaholic meaning

Term referring to those who are addicted to Tab soda.