Tabasco meaning and definition

Tabasco meaning

1. condiment of the Gods founded in New Iberia, produced on Avery Island; hot pepper sauce in multiple flavors.

Tabasco meaning

a trademark used for a very spicy sauce made from a strong-flavored red pepper.

Tabasco meaning

1. A state in southern Mexico. 2. The best hot sauce in the world.

Tabasco meaning

The best goddamn hot sauce in the universe. It is composed of vinegar, red peppers, and salt, which is stirred then stored in barrels for a few years.

Tabasco meaning

A totally wicked sauce that I use to make my chili even spicier.

Tabasco meaning

A substance of great mystery and horror. Men find themselves drawn to it, as if it were a beacon leading them down the path to salvation. Only to find themselves trapped in a realm of burning, hellish, eternal pain.

Tabasco meaning

Saucy and sweet, this Latin American beauty was born in a box, but rose to dominate the spice market. Through marriage and business, she is now the Countess of Worcester.

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tabasco balls meaning

when you put tabasco on your balls then put them in a girls gaping mouth

Tabasco Break up meaning

Putting Tabsco sauce all over the exterior of a condum and having sex with your girlfriend, right before you break up.

Tabasco Challenge meaning

Where a bunch of stupid teenagers try to race by singeing off all of their pubic hairs with Tabasco Sauce.

tabascocity meaning

the level of hotness in a food or mouth, derived from the hot sauce Tabasco.

Tabascock meaning

The feeling you get when you whack it after getting Tabasco on your hands