Tabascock meaning and definition

Tabascock meaning

The feeling you get when you whack it after getting Tabasco on your hands

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Tabasco Cock meaning

The side effect of waking up fom having sex the previous night. When urinating it burns whilst exiting.

Tabasco Dick meaning

This is when you are about to have sex with a nasty bitch and you wrap it, slap on Tabasco sauce then wrap it again. Once the bitch screams you get out because the first one busted.

tabasco hot ass meaning

When you stretch a women or mans buttocks apart with great force. Then you pour an excessive amount of hot sauce into the butthole and fuck it excessively.

Tabasco Method meaning

(n.) The act of using two condoms while putting Tabasco in between them for an audible warning when you're down to your last line of defense against any STDs.

tabasconist meaning

A collector and mass consumer of various tabasco sauces, typically stocking multiple bottles of each type of sauce (Original, Sweet & Spicy, Chipotle, Habanero, Jalapeño, Garlic, etc) in his / her refrigerator.