t0gym meaning and definition

t0gym meaning

t0gym is myg0t backwards, often used on VAC servers as the word myg0t is banned.

t0gym meaning

myg0t backwards,myg0t members often tag t0gym, because the word myg0t is banned on many servers. Online gaming authority dedicated to our own method of legitimate online game play.

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t0m meaning

dick licker

t0nkz meaning

It means 'thanks'.

t0p meaning

l33t sp34k for: Laptop; see also: topz0r

t0rn meaning

Cool, fun, and everything you ever wanted to be in one person. He's just way better than you'll ever be.

t0s meaning

I think in Denmark "tøs" is just a regular name for girl, but in Norway it got a little different angle. a t0s (tøs) is a slutty girl, a girl who just sleeps around whatso ever. t0s is not "wifematerial" but can be alot of fun on party's Alsoo see "billig"