t0m meaning and definition

t0m meaning


t0m meaning

1337 pr0g4ym3r PwNz0r1z1nG a11 T3H n0oB13s

t0m meaning

A mute jug-eared sort

t0m meaning

dick licker

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t0nkz meaning

It means 'thanks'.

t0p meaning

l33t sp34k for: Laptop; see also: topz0r

t0rn meaning

Cool, fun, and everything you ever wanted to be in one person. He's just way better than you'll ever be.

t0s meaning

I think in Denmark "tøs" is just a regular name for girl, but in Norway it got a little different angle. a t0s (tøs) is a slutty girl, a girl who just sleeps around whatso ever. t0s is not "wifematerial" but can be alot of fun on party's Alsoo see "billig"

t0t4l f00k1n pWnAgE meaning

Internet chat-speak for owned, which means "the act of totally dominating an oponent". Pwn is pronounced "pown" or "puh-won", and t0t4l f00k1n pWnAgE is pronounced "total fooking pownage".