t2 meaning and definition

t2 meaning

A very cool kid who climbs the social ladder while staying a stereotypical asian.

t2 meaning

Common battle system used in RP. Utilizing a two post style Move and Connect. Blocks have to be typed between the move and connect and be longer than 5 words minus poster name to be successful.

t2 meaning

Relating to or related to a slut or the college whore who gets bullied by both the sexes alike, during this treatment she realizes that the only way to counteract this bullying is to become a part of it and to enjoy itLook for Synonyms, whore;bitch;slut

t2 meaning

Takes the place of saying "true true" when a statment is made. Used to aknowledge a statement made by another. It does not reflect wether you agree or disagree. Caution, may annoy others when used in place of a real answer. Primarily used for text communications.

t2 meaning

The upgraded version of the Thurminator. It's perogatives: I) to return to the past and be as slutty as possible II) to kill Sara Conner III) she will kill you.....in your sleep.

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T29 meaning

T29 is a amarican heavy tank as more of a test it doesn't have very thick armor and about 1/5 chance to kill a tiger 2

t2b meaning

time to blaze, time to light the joint, time to hit the bong and get stoned.

T2C meaning

Time to cry

T2D meaning

Time to Die

T2Darlantan meaning

A popular vlogger, first made famous on youtube and now resides on bliptv.His real name is Jason King.

T 2 G meaning

A quick and inoffensive way of letting your friends know that it's about time to leave.T 2 G = Time To GoCan be accompanied with hand signals (time out; 2 fingers up; left hand pointer lying on thumb of right hand with the palm and fingers of the right hand curled over the left pointer in a backwards C)

t2gp meaning

An acronym meaning: Time to go poop

T2I meaning

Shorthand for Text-to-Image, a Firefox add-on with allows for the viewing of pictures through their URL, without having to actually follow the link.

T2k meaning

A Soldier of Fortune 2 Gaming Clan, the pwns every other clan in existance.

T2LL meaning

Texting or internet shorthand for "text to land line", as in, a text message sent to a home phone.