t3h r0x0r meaning and definition

t3h r0x0r meaning

Leet "1337" word. Meaning Incredibly awesome, sweet, chill, kick ass, tight, awesome beyond all reason.

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t3h rape meaning

t3h rape (n) - This is a term which can be applied in a wide variety of situations. 1. To show ones great approval of a certain situation. 2. To express ones personal accomplishment in a situation note: t3h can be used to turn nearly any word in to a noun, and furthermore, a noun bearing the same definition as ownage or own

T3h_Spliff meaning

A word that is commonly mistaken for just meaning 'The Weed'. The real meaning for this word is used to define mentally disabled-homosexual zoophiliac's who eat their own poo and throw shoe's at people.

t3h str33t meaning

Internet lingo for the mean, mean streets where fights are plentiful and all Internet martial artists are badd-ass. Typically used as an example why certain styles, from TKD to BJJ, won't work.

t3k meaning

Abbreviated name of a certain hacker cult. See The Three Kings.

T-3 line meaning

high speed connection to the internet 44.736 mbps