t4p meaning and definition

t4p meaning

Internet expression, stands for "thank for posting".

t4p meaning

Usually used in forums, on threads. It is "chat slang" for "THANKS FOR POSTING" or "THANKS 4 POSTING".

t4p meaning

Primarily internet slang, and used as an acronym for "The fourth plateau," the highest level of intoxication, hallucination, and dissociation from the body when using the drug dextromethorphan, or DXM.

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T4S meaning

Short for Thanks For Sharing. The abbreviation is used in emails, IMs, social media, and text messages.

t4t meaning

Thanks for trade, usually used in gaming forums

T4ta meaning

Myspace slang for 'thanks for the add'.

T4TC meaning

Thanks for the Cache. This is in referrence to the GPS cache finding game where the "Cache" is the thing you are looking for.

t4ti meaning

1. thanks for the invite. is best used with a derogatory name right after (example: asshole, dickface, fucker)