T65K2 meaning and definition

T65K2 meaning

A derivative of AR-15 rifle by Arsenal 205th, Combined Service Command, Ministry of Defense, Republic of China that still has not been fully destroyed by communists on the island formerly known as Formosa, also known as Taiwan today. The design was based on AR-15, due to some butt-headed generals who said so, but the some other not-so-butt-headed generals recognized that the ball powder produced by Arsenal 203nd, under the same dominion , not only doesn't deliver enough chamber pressure, also produces hell lot of carbon and otherwise corrosive shit, so they ordered AR-18's piston to be installed instead of copying the original direct-inject mechanism. Thus the Type 65 Assault Rifle was born. Colt couldn't sue them because they have modified the gun so much, even with slight re-designed trigger group, to actually became another gun, an really ugly but otherwise lasting and effective weapon often seen in the hands of Noriega's thugs and Haitian mobs. T65K2 is the second improvement of the original Type 65. The letter T was in place of "Type" to designate indigenously made small weapons. Carrying handle was put back as mount for TS72, or newer TS85 NVG, which are roughly equivalent to 1st and 2nd generation NVG used by US armed forces, made by Factory 402nd, the same dominion. The mount was designed by idiots or conscripts and often loses parts during field maneuver. It is incompatible with anything designed for AR-15. The trigger group was further re-design of original trigger, with safe, full, burst and single options. Surprisingly, the trigger design is actually better than M-16. There is no forward assists in all T65 family, and it is not needed. It is basically a well-functioning weapon despite some design glitches. Though some design features, such as gas tube, handguard and sight mount are clumsy or simply joke, at least it shoots properly most of the time, and requires less maintenance than M16.

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This is what it looks like when someone does a facekeyboard.

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Slang for 2C-T7. Blue Mystic 2,5-dimethoxy-4-(n)-propylthiophenethylamine 2C-T-7 is a psychedelic phenethylamine developed by Alexander Shulgin around 1980. The effects of 2C-T-7 share some general similarities with LSD & 2CB, with its length of action more like that of LSD.

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Disregard of the female race. Not caring about women

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that 70s show

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is a lifestyle not meant for the weak. you go to war with your brothers, cry with you brothers, you laught wiht your brothers, but most of all, you gang bang with your brothers... t8 style

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The t-800 is a goon ass Infiltration model Terminator that is very hard to detect.The t-800 is living tissue graphed over a coltan Endoskeleton.It's main military use is assassintion and well Infiltration: arny's model is Cyberdyne Systems Series 800 Model 101 Version 2.4

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a keying error by an end user in any piece of computer software.

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the eight toed freek

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An entry mode on cell phones to speed up the process of composing a text message. Works well when used properly, however, can cause major confusion when the change key is not pressed.

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Current MBT(Main Battle Tank) of the Russian Ground Forces. Created in 1994 by defense contractor Uralvagonzavod, the T-90 is one of the most high-tech tanks ever to enter the battlefield. It boasts advanced weapons systems and armor very similar to the M1 Abrams MBT(United States).