T7 Mode meaning and definition

T7 Mode meaning

Disregard of the female race. Not caring about women

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t7s meaning

that 70s show

t8 meaning

is a lifestyle not meant for the weak. you go to war with your brothers, cry with you brothers, you laught wiht your brothers, but most of all, you gang bang with your brothers... t8 style

T-800 meaning

The t-800 is a goon ass Infiltration model Terminator that is very hard to detect.The t-800 is living tissue graphed over a coltan Endoskeleton.It's main military use is assassintion and well Infiltration: arny's model is Cyberdyne Systems Series 800 Model 101 Version 2.4

T82 meaning

a keying error by an end user in any piece of computer software.

t8tf meaning

the eight toed freek