taab meaning and definition

taab meaning

Geordie slang meaning 'cigarette'.

taab meaning

a young child more specifically a girl who is : -annoying -fat or really skinny -only good for cleaning -stupid -only wears dirty clothes

taab meaning

I believe I formulated taab, meaning "thick as a brick" in 1981 or 1982 in Canberra, ACT. It applies to a dim witted person who is not trying.

taab meaning

Somebody who has droopy breasts, or wears his/her "tits-as-a-belt".

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taabish meaning

A don and a pimp. Toatally sexy and has A LOT of charm, no matter how he looks. Wicked singer and is single most of the time coz he is a don. REAL DONS R CALLED THIS NAME

TAaCF meaning

Shortened form of "The Alex and Charlie Format", popular kids TV show from the 90s, featuring Youtube partners Alex Day (aka Nerimon) and Charlie McDonnell (charlieissocoollike). Reoccurring themes in the program include the theming of episodes based on a letter or musical key, "Tip of the Day", "Face Friday", "Game Reviews", "Reality Investigators" and popular section "The Keith Chegwin Moment".

Taaf meaning

A word, with Arabic descent that people use to say, 'in your face'.

Taaffe juice meaning

A sports drink derived from the sweat of Taaffes and more (also infused with nitrous) that dramatically increases your performance in rowing.....side effects are gangly limb syndrome and Taaffe rage

TAAFT meaning

acronym for "There's an app for that." Referring to Apple's iPhone commercials.