Tabaked meaning and definition

Tabaked meaning

to be bitten hard by a highly intoxicated half jew

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Tabaking meaning

To go out murder-raping in a "Vincent Tabak" stylee, specifically with strangulation as the modus operandi.

Tabakka meaning

Slang word referring to cigarettes or tobacco.

tabalisha meaning

a big mosh pit or a ryit

TA-BAM meaning

the word you say when your teammate spikes the volleyball down so hard and you get the point

Tab amnesia meaning

Opening a new tab only to realize you have no idea why you opened it.

tabaná meaning

A slap in the face to someone for being obnoxious, rude, disgusting, dislikable, or repugnant.

tabanca meaning

when you are heartbroken over someone and in a sad, depressed mood.

tabangcura meaning

A boy that looks like borat.

Tab Anxiety meaning

When a tab whore cannot bear to shutdown his computer for the risk of losing all the open websites in his tab dump.

ta-bap meaning

The Texas Backhand Slap. The art of licking ones hand and administering a backhand to anyone within reach.