tabarnak meaning and definition

tabarnak meaning

Used as swear word (common in french Canadian slang) 'Tabarnak' has a variety of uses. It has nearly become an equivalent to "fuck" and its derivatives in how it is used. It can be used as an insult (when adressing someone),or to overstate/amplify an emotion/state of mind, or to express surprise-disgust, etc.

tabarnak meaning

Curse used by french Canadians. Often used when things go wrong or used simply as as adjective in a sentence.

tabarnak meaning

originated from quebec, "tabernak" is an insult useing the churches "tabernacle" as a swear word. -i should know, i live in quebec...

tabarnak meaning

Most common French Quebec curse word, means "tabernacle" in English. Often coupled with Calisse (chalice) Hostie (host) and other items sacred in the Roman Catholic Church.

tabarnak meaning

People use this word when they are very upset, in many ways. They use this word to sware about anyting.

tabarnak meaning

Idiom used for its emotional-releasing qualities. Also used in non-francophone cultures via immigrants that came to Montreal, catched some french, and then got back to their native lands laden with a few bucks and high hopes of finally opening their shop, and not being slapped by mamma for being late for dinner. Its subtle religious consonance makes it delicate to use on a regular basis (as opposite to the handy fuck), but we usually manage to get enough purposeful occasions in a week to say a good "Tabarnak".

tabarnak meaning

A French Quebec cursed word used like ''damn''or ''shit''. People of France never use that word, its is purely from Quebec.

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tabarnane meaning

Soft profanity used to emphasize an emotion, an impression. Mild version of french-canadian curse word tabarnak.

tabarnaque meaning

French curse word. Ofently used as an insult by French Canadians and Quebecers. Originates from the french word 'tabernacle'. In the catholic Church, a 'tabernacle' is a small cupboard intended, since the XVI° century, to preserve the devoted hosts. Over a few decades, the pronounciation and spelling for 'tabernacle' evolved too 'tabarnaque'. 'Tabarnaque' can be the english equivalent for shit or piece of shit.

tabarnouche meaning

(French-Canadian)Soft profanity used to emphasize an emotion, an impression. Mild version of french-canadian curse word tabarnak.

tabarnush meaning

A more special way to tell Tabarnak

tabarooshka meaning

a vagina licking animal that comes from russia and likes to eat human toenails