U23 Team meaning and definition

U23 Team meaning

Stands for "under 23." Typically a national team thats sole purpose is to qualify for and compete in the Olympics, in accordance with rules that require all members (except three) to be under 23 years of age.Used as a derogatory term for young and/or inexperienced teams.

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u2665 meaning

The Unicode code for a heart(♥). To use it hold down Ctrl+Shift then type u2665. -For the Ubuntu people

u2b meaning

An abbreviation using letters and numerals, for the 'YouTube' site, similar to SMS text, used mainly on video blogs or internet posts when directing traffic, inquiry’s or posting links, to that url A general name for the site when detailing or discussing its content or quality U2B: u = you, 2 = tu. be = b (the sound of the consonant is used)

U2bonoluv meaning

a screaming fangirl with an inability to use just one point of punctuation at the end of any sentence she posts.

U2CM meaning

Short for a "U2 Christmas Miracle", which is when a miracle relating to U2 happens in the month of December.

u 2 cute meaning

When someone is just too, too cute and it makes you want to do things to them that just ain't right!!