UAS meaning and definition

UAS meaning

Ugly as Shit. If you are this, I weep for you. Please accept my apologies. It is the lowest of the low. You are so ugly, that there is no chance of fornication in this or any lifetime. Again, I apologize.

UAS meaning

Under Age Slut. This refers to the fact that younger girls are becoming incresingly slutty, wearing clothes designed for older girls. Sluts under the age of 16 are UAS's.

UAS meaning

Uruguayan American School An elite, small school in the city of Montevideo, Uruguay, full of rich Uruguayans, Brazilians and sons of diplomatics from every embassy. There is a lot of diversity, most people speak 3 languages or so. You can probably sleep your way through high school and still get decent grades if you take all the easy classes, but if you decide to go for the APs be prepared to go to school everyday (including Saturdays and Sundays), and work like if every class was your only class. Be prepared for SAAC (Southern American Athletic Conference) 90% of the people participate in at least one sport. Girls usually loose (anyways, they are hot!) but guys always win, specially in basketball. When we graduate from high school, we usually go to prestigious colleges in the United States, but we will never forget UAS .

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UA Shag meaning

UA Shag is a shaggy hair style made famous by it's popularity at Upper Arlington High School in Upper Arlington Ohio. In the early 1990's, boys at the high school began growing their hair out, while neglecting styling products or frequent trips to the barber. The length of hair can vary from growing just over the ears all the way to shoulder length. When paired with a circle hat the hair will form 'wings', which is when the locks of hair above the ear would protrude to the sides.

uasian bolt meaning

An asian who sprints in the hallways of school so they can be the first one to class. You will normally see them going up and down stairs really fast. Good luck catching them.

u-ass-a meaning

An hate word describing the USA, And showing ass to the USA Flag.

U ASSHOLE meaning

Internet slang for "you're an asshole". First coined on in a thread where a user posted a pic of himself wearing hand made Red Bull armor.

UAT meaning

A Graffiti Crew From Canada. United Aerosol Terrorists

Uata meaning

When a female squats in a vacuum and takes a poop that floats back into the butt crack and gets lodged into the anus forever.

uatb meaning

Unicorns are the best

uatbb meaning


Uati meaning

A tall, dark and handsome all-round nice guy with a charming personality and gorgeous smile. Underneath lies a man whore who is a border-line alcoholic. Has difficulty keeping his suprisingly small dick in his pants and is prone to late night booty texts, especially when drunk. Likely to have illegimate children all over town and an STD named in his honour.See womanizer for more detail.Uati is also the Samoan word for watch.