UAV meaning and definition

UAV meaning

A worthless, piece of shit remote controlled airplane that doesn't have what make airplanes cool... the kick ass pilot. Geeks everywhere love these things, but real Pilots know that they are a tool of the devil. If your kid can fly one in the back yard, it doesn't belong over the battle field. When these things finally take over, robots will be fucking your wives and girlfriends, instead of fighter pilots.

UAV meaning

1. Under Age Vag.2. What you get after 3 kills in COD4.

UAV meaning

UAV (your ass or vagina).

UAV meaning

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Can be used for reconnaisance, exploratory, or assault purposes.

UAV meaning

Urban Assault Vehicle. See SUV

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uavskies meaning

formally known as uav in infinity wards multplatform game call of duty modern warfare 2, ua=U, V=A, skies=V

uaw meaning

urban assualt wheapon

UAW International meaning

Bunch of company asskissing retards who throw out grievences filed against a company based on the sex of the person who filed the grievence.

Uawue meaning

You are what you eat

uay meaning

An alternative for yay, meaning one is very happy.