U2bonoluv meaning and definition

U2bonoluv meaning

a screaming fangirl with an inability to use just one point of punctuation at the end of any sentence she posts.

U2bonoluv meaning

A female U2 fan. Someone who would kidnap Bono and bring him home, if she had the chance.

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U2CM meaning

Short for a "U2 Christmas Miracle", which is when a miracle relating to U2 happens in the month of December.

u 2 cute meaning

When someone is just too, too cute and it makes you want to do things to them that just ain't right!!

U2elage meaning

The act of being instructed through the musical power of U2

u2g meaning

your too gassed

U2ilize meaning

To be rocked or tantalized by the musical stylings of U2

U-2 incident meaning

That is When The USSR Captured Bano During the cold war

U2M meaning

U2M, Up 2 Much. Also UTM, Up To Much. Means what it means, Up 2 much? used on msn it basicly means the same as wuu2.

U2phoria meaning

When a person falls into a state of extreme happiness and joy when listening, seeing or talking about anything to do with the band U2 or the lead singer Bono.

u2rs meaning

You two are stupid

U2 style meaning

Going to an event with or without a companion.