u2u meaning and definition

u2u meaning

u2u commonly means "user to user" - this is usually referring to cyber sex on the internet, whether it be on msn, aim, cybercam, etc.

u2u meaning

U2uSlang for up to you

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U3 meaning

crapware] found pre-installed in some USB flash drives. it is supposed to be a useful launch pad for portable applications, but instead quickly becomes an annoyance, asking for passwords, bugging down the process, and taking up space.

U32 meaning

U32 is a progressive highschool in Vermont full of hippie loving weed smoking hooligans, with an accepting environment for all sorts of weirdos. Nicknamed 'the zoo' for a handful of theories. the most common belief and the reason teachers will tell you if you ask is that it was called that back in the 1980's when the classes all had half walls and an outdoor lobby and guidance office where students could smoke cigarettes in their free time, you can imagine it was a pretty rowdy situation. Some raiders claim our wild fan base at big games is what earned us the zoo label, however most kids and previous students know it was truly derived from the party animals roaming the halls all day. Teachers are called by their first names. Half of the student population being rednecks is the depth of its diversity. An overall loving and nurturing learning environment for all.

u3u meaning

u3u is a kiss emoticon. The u are closed eyes and the 3 is puckered lips

U-4 meaning

(ECONOMICS) Total unemployed plus discouraged workers, as a percent of the civilian labor force plus discouraged workers.The US Bureau of Labor Statistics regularly publishes six estimates of unemployment. The others are U-1, U-2, U-3, U-5, and U-6. Eurostat publishes one monthly estimate of unemployment for the European Union, which is approximately midway between U-3 and U-4.The unemployment statistics for the USA are collected through a monthly Current Population Survey (CPS) (also known as the household survey) and an establishment survey.

u413 meaning

Secret internet forum. Move along, nothing to see here.