u7gh meaning and definition

u7gh meaning

Originating as an IM typo, "u7gh" shows the writer's feelings of distaste through "ugh", but times seven. Said out loud as "Ugg seven" "ugg times seven" or "seven ugg"

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U8 meaning

verb form: to burn out

u83|2 1337 h4x0|2 meaning

Super Elite Hacker

UA meaning

U/A (Noun)-A Urine Analysis taken by an addiction counselor. It can also be used when taking a drug test for employment but it is not recomended due to the nature coming from Drug Abuse Centers.

UAA meaning

The sound of someone gaging/throwing up/vomiting.

UAAHD meaning

Acronyms used for online chatting. UAAD = U Are A Dork UAAHD = U Are A Huge Dork