UAN meaning and definition

UAN meaning

"Ugly American Network"

UAN meaning


UAN meaning

An acronym for Up All Night. Used to describe a internet junkie who has been up all night gaming or surfing the internet.

UAN meaning

An urbandictionary ass nigga. Someone who always has no idea what anything means unless it comes out of a Webster's dictionary.

UAN meaning

An acronym for "Understood And Noted"

UAN meaning

short for ugly ass nigga, check all the fuckin abreviations and i definately know there all fuckin pointless and only lazy ass people use words like uan, bashmfn,flip, bab, fob even etc

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UANAL meaning

U are not a laywer.

uanan meaning

a prick who's small and looks like an eight year old girl

Uandals meaning

A subcategory of sandals. A uandal is a sandal that anyone can wear, male or female.

uan dom meaning

Thai word for fat nigger. Fat, lazy, dark person.

UANUS meaning

The University of ANUS

uap meaning

Under aged pussy. Most commonly used by creeps.

uapo meaning

Spanish & short for "Guapo"

Uappy meaning

To be uber happy.

UAR meaning

Under arrest.

Uarda meaning

The most beautiful girl ever!SHE IS PERFECT THAT'S ALL.Goals as fuck