ub3r meaning and definition

ub3r meaning

the original word, über is the german word for "above" and can be used as a substitute in english for "very" or "super". however, "ub3r" is a more 1337 way of saying über.

ub3r meaning

a more 1337 (leet) version of the word, uber; meaning very, or super

ub3r meaning

meaning very, super

ub3r meaning

A way to be excited, like n00bs R

ub3r meaning

ub3r, came from uber, which came from the original word from Germany which means 'super'. It is used in online forums, chatrooms, MSN groups, games, and IM programs.

ub3r meaning

Being so cool you can't call them cool.

ub3r meaning

super, alot, very - used online.

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ub3r1337 meaning

Means 'the best of the best' in leet. Pronounced Uber Leet.

ub3rachiever meaning

a super-successful man or woman of action; dynamo, self-starter, high-flyer, go-getter, winner.

UB3R_GEEK meaning

The geek of all geeks

ub3r gr3g meaning

The greatest fucka ITG player there is. No one can match his skill and timing. If you watch him closely enough and get distracted you will be able to see him run from the ITG pad and fuck your girlfriend in an instant and still be able to quadstar the song on expert.

ub3r h4x0r meaning

A slang term for the phrase "uber hacker", uber meaning supreme or superior to another person, idea, or thing. Definition: Some who who hacks a program, game, ect. to the point where it amazes another player enough to comment about it.