uba meaning and definition

uba meaning

Variation of the word "uber", which is German for super. Can be used in front of an adjective, to indicate an extremity of it, or can be used as an adjective by itself.

uba meaning

a person branded a pleasure machine which when use satisfis the woman beyond her wildest dreams.

uba meaning

Being gangster in Bergen/norway! also be preferred with Gangsters that has a good way of clothing and of living thug life

uba meaning

Unnecessary Black Attention - any and all loud, obnoxious, stereo-type justifying actions done to cause attention to be drawn toward a substantially large crowd of black people.

uba meaning

Stands for unecessary bitchyness alert.

uba meaning

Acronym for Upper ball area. The masculine version of FUPA. Is often further specified as ruba or luba (right/left), especially in the case of intense pain from being kicked in the groin. Can also be used as a descriptor for foul smells.

uba meaning

pronounced uh-buhAcronym for Ultra Bad Ass. (sarcasticallyword invented by Rush Morris

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ubacious meaning

Wonderful, unbelieveable, absolutely floating on clouds utopia pronounced: you-bay-she-us

ubad bro meaning

The definition of ubad bro comes from the online gaming world of having either a bad teammate or enemy and then calling them your bro afterwards. It has become really popular since ubad and bro are both often used when talking online trash.

Uba Dive meaning

An adventure in which u try to get some pussy.

ubafarmian meaning

n.- higher class name for a lanyard carrying keys, usually used when you want to make yourself seem super valuable.

Ubagij meaning

A person of African descent, usually identified by chalky knees and elbows, rags or animal skins for clothing, and a finely tuned spear chucking ability.Someone who intends to rip you off or scam you in some way.Backwards Jigabu.

ubah meaning

/Ubah/: A multi-Glass on Glass bong hotbox of a car.

ubaid meaning

a man whore who loves to hook up with random fat girls and is in love with cheesecake. addicted to the gym and loves their muscles. would be totally cute if he wasn't such a jerk

u baiding meaning

pimping on the west side. he's representing for all the homies.

ubaldo meaning

The real name of that one mexican guy who ordered a mocha frap the other day at Starbucks but knew the barista couldn't spell his name so he used his alias "Jose"

u-ball meaning

When you're driving in the same direction for a while, and you realize you've forgotten something and have to go all the way back, you must "throw a u-ball". U-ball is just another word for u-turn but with u-balls you cover a much greater distance.