ubah meaning and definition

ubah meaning

Someone who is kind funny with a awesome personality and your very lucky to be friends with.

ubah meaning

Variant of 'uber.'

ubah meaning

/Ubah/: A multi-Glass on Glass bong hotbox of a car.

ubah meaning

short for you 'bout it ass ho

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ubaid meaning

a man whore who loves to hook up with random fat girls and is in love with cheesecake. addicted to the gym and loves their muscles. would be totally cute if he wasn't such a jerk

u baiding meaning

pimping on the west side. he's representing for all the homies.

ubaldo meaning

The real name of that one mexican guy who ordered a mocha frap the other day at Starbucks but knew the barista couldn't spell his name so he used his alias "Jose"

u-ball meaning

When you're driving in the same direction for a while, and you realize you've forgotten something and have to go all the way back, you must "throw a u-ball". U-ball is just another word for u-turn but with u-balls you cover a much greater distance.

Ubamsh meaning

A common exclamation frequently used while performing a specific kind of groin kick described as follows: Grab the victims ankles while lying on the ground directly across from them. Then, as you thrust into their groin with your foot, pull their ankles apart in a "wishbone" motion. For the most devestating effect, "Ubamsh!" must be shouted directly as the foot comes into contact with the groin.

U-ban meaning

Definition: Unidentified Bitch Ass Nigga; Someone who is unknown and suspicious looking to you and your crew.

Uban Dictionay meaning

You retard who can't spell

Ubando meaning

A Ubando is a name from Asia but sounds like it should be Africa.Usually a slimey estate agent has a name like this and loves wearing brown suits.He cant speak at all, and usually gets a lot of people angry.Loves transexuals of the Brazilian kind!

ubaness meaning

A SUPER strong emotion for some one/ some thing.

Ubang meaning

A black person. The word is derived from the ubang tribe in southern Africa.