Va Beach meaning and definition

Va Beach meaning

Slang term for Virginia Beach, Virginia; the most populus city in the state and one of the most progressive and fastest growing cities in the southeast. Now outranks the once largest city, Norfolk by over 200,000 residents. Has few derelict neighborhoods and the largest pleasure beach in the world. Va Beach is full of fun and history (and great clubs too).

Va Beach meaning

the largest city in Virginia; long overshadowed by Norfolk but growing rapidly since 1970, especially recently with the development of a beautiful downtown area; with 28 miles of public beaches tourism is a major factor in the economy; site of three United States Navy bases; great place to have fun in the sun, or settle down and raise a family with great schools all over the city.

Va Beach meaning

also a term used in conjunction with the phrase "you have sand in your vag", a slang term for a vag.

Va Beach meaning

A large suburb of Norfolk that calls it's self a City. Has the most northern of the major tourist beaches on the east coast. If you like the burbs, then you should live there, if you want a place with History, Live in NORFOLK

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Vabed - 1. The word you use when a Vaeb has just did something very annoying to you Vabing - 2. The word you use for a Vaeb is doing annoying things to other people

va bhai va meaning

This words originates from the Gujarat State in India meaning "wow, awesome job brotha" or "damn that was hot" Many older Gujurati men(Uncles) and women(Aunties) that have emigrated from india use this term.

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Meaning something sticks out to a person and which he/she finds an object or subject appealing.

VABIC meaning

Acronym for 'Voted All Because I Could'. Said by someone who selects all the choices (when possible) in an online poll, effectively voting for all of them, usually just for the hell of it.

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Vampiric rabies; the variety of which causes vampires to sparkle.

vablart meaning

vaginal blood fart. (eg. while menstrating a queef is released)

vablivious meaning

(adj) The form of being oblivious that is particular to Virginians, including lack of acknowledgment of the presence of others, self-centeredness, thinking that being a native Virginian (the more generations, the better) amounts to anything, and the incomprehensibility of the thought that the world does not revolve around Virginia, or more precisely, that particular Virginian.

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pimple found on the inner labia of the female genitalia; a vaginal pimple

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One who is both a vampire and an aboriginal Australian.

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this is a women having a boner on her vagina. her vagina goes very hard.