Vaanathi meaning and definition

Vaanathi meaning

The sexy-ist bitch in the whole world ;)

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vaani meaning

A beautiful goddess with the voice of angels.When you meet a "VANI" be very grateful as she is usually a very caring and loving person she will stick with you through thick and thin.

Vaapad meaning

The seventh lightsaber form(Aka Juyo).The form requires its user to get close to the dark side and accept the fury of their opponent.It has a superconducting loop for the user to reflect his/her opponent's hate,anger and fear back to its source.

Vaasa meaning

A town on the western coast of Finland. About 50% speak Finnish and the other half speaks Swedish.Home of Wasalandia, Rewell Center and students. A lot of students.Vaasa is constantly windy.

Vaastav meaning

Vaastav is a Hindi word which means "The Reality". (Haqeeqat in Urdu)

vaasu meaning

A gay ass fag with a 1 inch dick; 1 inch wonder

Vaati meaning

The stupid emo final boss in the minish cap, who tries to replace Ganon but ultimately just consumes large amounts of penis. He then cuts himself after link AWESOME-FUCKINGLY defeats him, and grows a vagina.He eventually turns Zelda into stone to try to be a heterosexual, but fails and just gives a blowjob to EVERYONE.

Vaatu meaning

Usually only ultimately unique persons are named Vaatu.Vaatus are very hard to find and if you find one, you need to be full of honouring and cherishing towards one.The name means total and true talent, extraordinally charming, enchanting and genious personality and being always totally free and victorious. A person named Vaatu usually is very hospitable, kind, loving, interesting, deep, funny and clever.Vaatu also means "dance that no one has never experienced before". Vaatus usually tend to become very famous for their talent in arts.

Vabager meaning

A person who is a pussy or used to describe the females vagina.

Vabbage meaning

A vagina that resembles a head of cabbage (usually red) being of discoloration and leafy looking and sometimes putrid smelling.Its a Nevada Thing.

vabbage patch meaning

a vagina that is unshaved.