v0 meaning and definition

v0 meaning

A music album or other digital audio recording of very high quality. Refers to the LAME mp3 encoder's "-V0" flag, which specified a very high quality variable-bit-rate encoding of ~245 kbps.

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v00b meaning

A n00b trying to spell "n00b"

v00l meaning

The act of having no taste in good music and telling other people that their music sucks.

v00t meaning

A chick version of w00t conceived by the v00t girls in an attempt to make themselves different. It retains the original meaning of w00t, but in a less masculine and more feminine way. voot and v00t are unanimous due to the 1337 language conversion factor.

V0LK0V meaning

1. A career (child) rapist.

v0v meaning

Text talk for shrugging shoulders. If you drop this on somebody, the conversation is pretty much over. It means "I'm right, whatever" or "I dunno, whatever." What the Kanye shrug is to body language, this is to text