v15s meaning and definition

v15s meaning

This is the generic vicodin es 10 ml that has recently came out. it is a powerful narcotic and is very addictive. one is prescribed this medication for severe pain usually by a pain management doctor. be careful with this pill because one can overdose very easily. it contains 10 ml of hydrocodone and 325 ml of acetominophen.

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v16 meaning

An internal combustion engine containing 16 cylinders eight on each side arranged in a V pattern. Used by many different manufacturers through the years, usually in vehicles that were considered to be luxury or performance vehicles. The v16 was often used for its smooth operation and power.

V166ER meaning

l33tspeak for Nigger. The name of a satellite in the matrix, and the flashpoint for the war of the humans vs the "other."

v180 meaning

A phone, damn you. A phone damn you. A phone damn you.

v1c70r meaning

v1c70r is currently residing in redondo beach and is now currently 17 years of age. myspace.com/urlsarefcknhard

v1dz meaning

1. a video clip of e-hoz playin' with themselves 2. n00dz on film.