V166ER meaning and definition

V166ER meaning

l33tspeak for Nigger. The name of a satellite in the matrix, and the flashpoint for the war of the humans vs the "other."

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v180 meaning

A phone, damn you. A phone damn you. A phone damn you.

v1c70r meaning

v1c70r is currently residing in redondo beach and is now currently 17 years of age. myspace.com/urlsarefcknhard

v1dz meaning

1. a video clip of e-hoz playin' with themselves 2. n00dz on film.

V 1 J A Y meaning

One of the most popular players in Runescape. Loves teleporting when he is Player-Killing and always safes to full Hitpoints. He also lives in Kentucky.

v1por meaning

a slang term for a homosexual transvestite male who is on IRC.