v1dz meaning and definition

v1dz meaning

1. a video clip of e-hoz playin' with themselves 2. n00dz on film.

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V 1 J A Y meaning

One of the most popular players in Runescape. Loves teleporting when he is Player-Killing and always safes to full Hitpoints. He also lives in Kentucky.

v1por meaning

a slang term for a homosexual transvestite male who is on IRC.

V2 meaning

Short range ballistic missile. Developed in Germany By Von Braun. First operational liquid fuel rocket. Developed by Germany in a huge development program as large in proportion to the German gross national product as the Manahattan atom bomb project was in America. After the war captured German V-2's were launched by the British, Americans, and Russians. Personnel and technology from the V-2 formed the basis for subsequent rocketry developments throughout the world.

v2086 meaning

south east punk band from the Dollshouse Collective..named after the catalogue number of Never Mind The Bollocks by The Sex Pistols

v21 meaning

In the ever popular games RtCW and its more popular free version, Enemy Territory, this is the key binding used to call for a medic using quick chat. Oddly enough, players seem to type this into the chat box, when the quick chat channel is currently being bombarded by idiots using spam chat. (See: GOATSE)

v265 meaning

shit boxx phone it's a piece of shit

V2 Corporation meaning

A rapidly expanding business entity rooted deep in the underworld of Magnolia, Texas that has vowed to vanqush the venal and virulent vermin vangaurding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition. V2 Corporation has been vandalizing virgins vaginas since 1988. This coalition of vandalous vagabonds are forever V.I.P. and are entitled to using only V Notes and receive as many virgins as they desire as consorts. consistent vandalism is a must in this corporation, as that is where much of their V Notes flow from as well as:violating,vanquishing and vanity.Roots of this underground faction extend back to the roman empire;or more specifically, the roman numeral for five:V. However, even this is not the full extent of their ancestry; biblical references contain allusions to the leaders of V2 Corporation themselves. Some scientists claim the number 42 as the number of the universe; well 42 divided by 2 is 21 and 21 + 2 is 23 and 2+3=5 and as already stated above, the roman numeral for 5 is V. Therefore, V is the master of the universe. When you try your best but you arent victorious, join V2. You will soon vanquish the competition. www.myspace.com/v2corporation

V2L meaning

Vagina to Lick

v300 meaning

Motorola v300 mobile phone.

V31 meaning

a synonym of the word 'yes' experienced when playing the pc multiplayer game 'Call of Duty'; pressing the keys "V,3, and 1" will make your player say "Yes sir" out loud for other players to hear.