v300 meaning and definition

v300 meaning

Motorola v300 mobile phone.

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V31 meaning

a synonym of the word 'yes' experienced when playing the pc multiplayer game 'Call of Duty'; pressing the keys "V,3, and 1" will make your player say "Yes sir" out loud for other players to hear.

|v|33 meaning

"l33tspeak" for the word "me".

V-3-5 meaning

L33Tspeak for "Great Shot!" Derived from a popular 1st person shooter game Call of Duty, where three buttons will produce a specific quick message. For example V-2-7 means "Need reinforcements!"

v36x BOT meaning

A very amusing bot on AIM to play with and chat with. He says the weirdest stuff sometimes, like the one below (which is a REAL conversation.)

v38 meaning

music that has no bounds. can not be clasified.