v4d0r meaning and definition

v4d0r meaning

A variation (and intended spelling mistake) for Vader, Darth Vader, the guy in all black with the black machine mask, from StarWars.

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V4E meaning

Virgin 4 (for) Ever.

V4G 1N4 meaning

Stands for Vagina in a way that teachers won't understand it. Tricks the dumb people so that they do not know what you are talking about.

V4L meaning

V4L means Virgin for life. also a sign you can make with your hands. put up to fingers to represent a v as in virgin. then put up 4 fingers to represent a 4 or for. then put your index finger and thumb to make an L for life

v4v meaning

means "vote for vote". used with contest sites. also see s4s.

v51 meaning

Affirmative motherfucker!