√toliet paper meaning and definition

√toliet paper meaning

There aren't any definitions for vtoliet paper yet. Can you define it?

√toliet paper meaning

There aren't any definitions for vtoliet paper yet. Can you define it?

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toliet rocket meaning

While mid-way during a shit, you sneez, which cause the shit to fly out of your ass like a rocket. If done correctly your ass hole should burn for 3-4 minutes as if a mexican just poured hot sauce right into you anal cavity

tolietroom meaning

Many people call a or a bath a bathroom even though it only contains a toliet and a lavatory -- but there's no shower or bathtub, hence you cannot bathe in it so why do they call it a BATHroom?!?

toliet suprise meaning

When you are taking a crap and you pee a little and your stream of pee goes between that small gap in between the toliet seat and toliet bowl.

toliet tank defecator meaning

Somebody who intentionally shits in the cistern (toliet tank).

toliet timer meaning

this is where, the male is masturbating himself while the female is waiting to get a load in her face, but instead of a load, the male pisses in the females face, and sees how long he can piss without her throwing a fit, then recording the time.

Tolietty Money meaning

What you might call the rock legend, "Johnny Cash"John is another name for a toliet, and cash is another name for money.

Tolil meaning

A name describing a reusable item or charcter in an MMORPG. Normally a player character - Tolil is destined to be deleted and reused an indefinate amount of times. Different versions of Tolil are counted as "marks" ie -Tolil mk IV

tolillo meaning

A pedophile. Particularly a male with an obsession with younger females.

To Limbaugh meaning

To make a statement and ran with it, even though you are wrong in doing so.

Tolin meaning

A hansome,in shape, smart guy who has a Lot of Talent and yet still never applys himself to his full capabilities to be the best. -Very Handsome, Very Loyal, Caring, Extremely Popular, and has a hint of Napolean Syndrome