w00b meaning and definition

w00b meaning

A cross between n00b and weenie. Basically a weenie-ish n00b.

w00b meaning

Someone very huggable and sweet; someone needing a hug; someone who basically just makes the sympathy gush out of you, and you go 'awwwwww.' A 'w00bie' is someone who displays these qualities.

w00b meaning

someone who means a hell of a lot to someone rarer than just being gf or bf.

w00b meaning

A combo of w00t and n00b resulting in no meaning at all, but an insult.

w00b meaning

Function: noun Usage: Online only. Mainly seen in HGL's chat-1 channel. Infiltration beyond online world is imminent. Etymology: W00t + n00b = w00b Date: Late 2007 1. Multiple online character names in Hellgate London game. 2. Possible formation of the largest clan in Hellgate London. 3. Also see "Zerg"

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w00d meaning

hes uber 1337

W00D13 SN4TCH3R meaning

A person who steals pencils, has broken all 12 commandments, and is probably a whore-ible person. Not to be confused with Me.

w00dka meaning

Vodka drunk when you accomplish something hard like getting your urban dic definition accepted.

w00dz meaning

See alcoholic

w00f meaning

Exclamation. Props given out by a l337 d0g.