w00t-off meaning and definition

w00t-off meaning

Stems from the classic internet w00t. n. One who w00ts excessively, almost orgasmically. "You're such a w00t-off, shut up." v. To command someone to go away because of their obnoixiously happy/hyperactive nature.

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w00t_osirisfx meaning

A kingdom of loathing player. He is so bad he's good! Once known as Osirisfx his account was given away and w00t_osirisfx was the next account made. The name w00t_osirisfx is much cooler.

w00tpies meaning

Related to w00t , represents extreme happiness when winning a game online or through instant messenger

w00tpwn meaning

see woot! see pwn put them together

w00t pwned meaning

w00t pwned: an expression used when a person has been pwned infront of an audience or a few people. Usually humiliating

w00tsauce meaning

a feeling to descibe a very wet feeling in the pants