w00t w00t meaning and definition

w00t w00t meaning

An expression of celebration or joy

w00t w00t meaning

a "l33t" term meaning Yay!

w00t w00t meaning

An expression of celebration or happiness

w00t w00t meaning

TWO words to express feeling joy and excitement

w00t w00t meaning

A computer geek/nerds way of celebrating or showing that they are having a fun time.

w00t w00t meaning

Statement made by a g33k who is really excited or thrilled. So thrilled that one w00t simply isn't enough.

w00t w00t meaning

A Yankees fanboy and bandwagonner that is so starved for attention that he doesn't care that even Yankees fans want him to shut up.

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w00t w00ters meaning

A variation on w00t, particularly when the w00ting is very intense and you are WINNARing in everything.

w00tworthy meaning

to be deserving of props

w00tx0r meaning

something people use as an alternitive to w00t on a rare occasion

w00txor meaning

"w00t" = a term like "Alright!/YEAH!" "xors" futhers this method of excitement.

w00t-yah meaning

An expression os happiness or joy. w00t and booyah combined.

w00ty mcw00t w00t meaning

A variation of w00t.

w00tz meaning

A sign of true accomplishment.

w00tz0r meaning

Exclamation, A modified version of w00t word created mid-game by Dave Matthews, of New Jersey Other known versions (1): w00tz0rz

w00tz0rness meaning

when u r really happy that u have owned the other player with little effoft.

w00tz0rz meaning

1.) When someone beats a game they show an expresion.